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When do you release the next nightly/stable release?
Please don't ask for ETA. It will come when it is ready.

Install Error: 1 or black screen when flashing in TWRP.
Zip up your rom.zip with 7zip. WinRaR and other programs have problems with files.

Wifi Call and/or VoLTE is not working for me.
You have to flash correct CSC from your carrier/country to make it work.

ROM does not boot after flashing.
Download latest Magisk Installer and flash it again.

Can i dirty flash any nightly or stable release on top of my actual nightly/stable build?
You can always dirty flash our rom updates. We prefer full wipe with new base, but its not necessary.

Is Samsung Pay working with Renovate ICE?
No it will never work with Knox tripped.

Is Secure Folder working with Renovate ICE?
No it will never work with Knox tripped. We will bring back Private Mode some time.

Is SHealth working with Renovate ICE?
Yes, it is working.

How can i disable this symbol rcsicon in statusbar?
Phone - Settings - RCS Calling Settings - Advanced Calling and Messages - Turn Off Rich Communication
2nd way:
Settings - Connections - More Connection Settings - Advanced Calling & Messaging

Can you add 3Minit Battery to your rom?
No. No. and again No. Never.

Computer does not detect my device in adb mode
If you are using Magisk, go to Magisk Manager and turn on Magisk Hide.

Does this rom support G950FD/G955FD device model?
Yes it does support both of them.

Netflix is not working for me
Rename liboemcrypto.so to liboemcrypto.so.bak in system/lib and reboot.

RiCE App is fc'ing, what can I do?
Uninstall all RiCE Updates and clear data, now update via Play Store.

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