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Flash Guide


1. SM-G950F or SM-G955F device
2. Installed TWRP Recovery on your device.
3. Backup your data, everything will be wiped (not external sdcard)

TWRP Install Guide

If you do not have TWRP installed on your device yet, follow this guide.

ROM Flash Guide

1. Download latest Stable Build here or latest Nightly Build here.
The Nightly Build is always newer then a Stable Release.
If you want to stay up to date, you need to flash the latest Nightly Build.

2. Boot phone into TWRP Recovery, select "Wipe" and "Format Data".
Now select "Advanced Wipe" and wipe everything but not Micro SDCard and USB OTG.
3. Copy ROM zip to your phone storage or external storage.
4. Press the "Install" button in TWRP and select the ROM zip.
5. Now confirm with "Swipe to Install".
6. AROMA Installer will pop up and guides you through ROM install process.
7. At the end of the installation, you can press "Reboot Now".
8. Your phone will reboot with new ROM. Have Fun!
If you are stuck at the Galaxy S8 screen, reboot back to TWRP,
copy this file to phone storage or external storage and flash it.
Press "Reboot Now" and ROM will boot.

Firmware Flash Guide

Download the latest firmware from here.
You can flash firmware via TWRP or ODIN. Select whatever you prefer.

Tick BL and CP options, extract .rar file and put BL into BL and CP into CP. Press Start. You're done.

Put the TWRP flashable file to your phone storage, boot into TWRP Recovery,
select Install, select the firmware file, Swipe to Install. Reboot. Done.
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