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SVN Guide

Step 1-3 is only for people who haven't set up the SVN yet, if you have already set up and just want to update to the newest revision, go to step 4

You will need:
A PC running a newish version of Windows
Tortoisesvn, choose 32 or 64 bit depending on your OS
An archive program, i recommend winrar

1. Setting up folder structure

Once you have TortoiseSVN set up and installed, browse to a directory where you would like your ROM to be stored
Once your in that directory create a new folder and name it "RENOVATE"
Go inside that folder and create two more folders, name one "renovate-dream" and the other "renovate-flashable"

You don't have to use these names, it just makes things less confusing if you do.

To give you an idea on what these folders will do, "renovate-dream" is where you will download/update the rom/files to each time we make an update. Once you are up to date or at a revision you want to flash you then export the rom to "renovate-flashable" ready to flash on your device.

2. Downloading the ROM

Once you have completed step one, it is time to download the ROM.
Right click on the "renovate-dream" folder and click "SVN Checkout".

From here you will need to enter the url of the renovate rom project.
The link is http://www.soldier9312-xda.de/svn/renovate-dream/trunk/ which can also be found in the first post.
Go ahead an enter the URL and press go

If all done correctly the ROM should start downloading, this could take a while depending on your internet speed. This is the one and only time you will have to download the full rom.

Once it has finished you will be left with the rom structure inside the "renovate-dream" folder. You can tell if everything has synced correctly as there will be a green tick on the folder icon.

3. Exporting and zipping

Open "renovate-dream" and you will see the rom structure. Your instincts will probably tell you to add this to a zip and then just flash on your phone, but as this is the folder linked with the SVN,
there are hidden files which we don't want to include when we put it in our rom.zip ready to flash.
To get rid of these hidden files, all you need to do is right click "renovate-dream" folder, go to "tortoiseSVN" then click "export".

*If you have hidden files visible in windows you can skip the below steps and simply select all the folders apart from the .svn folder and zip them up and flash.

This will open a new window asking you to choose where to extract to, simply locate your "renovate-flashable" folder, click it, and click "select folder" to begin exporting

Once the export has finished, your going to want to zip up the rom so you can flash it.
Open "renovate-flashable" and select all the folders and contents
If you have winrar installed click "add to archive"
This will open a dialogue, all you need to do is set the the format to ".zip" not ".rar", choose a name for the zip and choose where to save it
Once you have done this click ok to start the zipping
Once finished this is your completed rom.zip, simply transfer this to your phones memory and flash in recovery

4. Updating

If we make an update to our rom, svn users can stay up to date change by change, and only by downloading the modified files, not the entire rom everytime.
To update to the latest revision all you need to do is right click on "renovate-dream" and select "SVN Update"

This will update all the changed files to the latest version, keepin you up to date.
Once the update is complete, you'll have to export the rom again (step 3) before zipping it up and flashing.
Before you export though, make sure you delete the previous revision from "renovate-flashable"

Once the old build is deleted, simply follow the "exporting" step again and you will be up to date with all the latest changes.

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